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We offer you service, inspection and repair for all types of sewing heads. An overview of the key elements of the machine park is worth entrusting to professionals. We have made hundreds of inspections and repairs for clients from all over Poland. Our experience will help you save time and money.

Why us?

We provide professional service of stitching (sewing) heads. The customer is informed about the diagnosis, progress in repair and costs. Repairs are carried out in close cooperation with the heads manufacturers.
We have many years of experience and qualified staff. Our experts are familiar with the equipment and can effectively identify defects that are imperceptible to less experienced technicians. Extensive experience in the industry allows us to minimize the cost of repairs by exchanging only the necessary parts.


Reduction of the costs

Please remember that machine downtime is very expensive and it is not worth waiting until the last minute.
By giving us the heads for repair you save costs because we only exchange the necessary elements. At the same time, you do not risk “over investing”, the case in which the value of the replaced parts is not much lower than the cost of the new head.

Outline of the operation looks as follows:

  1. Obtainment of the stitching head
  2. Complete disassembly of the head
  3. Evaluation of the technical condition of all parts of the head
  4. Estimation of the costs
  5. Acceptance of the cost estimate by the client
  6. Replacement of the necessary head elements
  7. Mounting of the stitching head
  8. Stitching head tests in working conditions
  9. If head test turns out to be successful: We send stitching head back to the customer
  10. Otherwise we return to point 3.

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