Promocja TKM

Great autumn promotion for TKM knives



The promotion runs from 15.09.2020 to 31.10.2020 and applies to all bindery knives of the German company TKM. The manufacturer ensures the highest quality of offered products, which we present below.
The amount of discount is determined individually for each order and depends on the type of knife and the material it is made of. We encourage you to contact our Sales Representatives.



In our promotion for each knife a professional knife packaging for a symbolic EURO!


Bindery knives TKM

German quality

TKM Group is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of knives, saws and cutters for printing machines. Seven production plants in Europe and abroad as well as numerous sales and service branches make TKM GmH one of the leading knife manufacturers in the world. The head office is located in Remscheid / Germany.

TKM GmbH is a modern company that focuses on innovative production technologies. This is how it creates high quality products. All TKM products have proven high quality in practice. The knives are manufactured under strict quality control and using the best materials. The products leave the factory only after a detailed inspection covering all components of the finished product.
TKM's head office

Lifetime warranty

Each knife has a lifetime warranty. We guarantee a free exchange of knives for new ones in the event of manufacturing defects being discovered. The guarantee covers knives whose degree of natural wear and tear as a result of operation falls within the criteria:

Steel knives: Guarantee of the highest performance of the Duritan / Duratec insert worn to a maximum height of 14 mm. Carbide knives: Guarantee of the highest performance of the Incomet Supreme / Ultra Cut insert worn to a maximum height of 7 mm.

Knife types TKM

TKM has developed various types of blades that are adapted to the material to be processed and the operating conditions. Choosing the right quality affects the life of the knife and significantly increases the working efficiency.

TKM knives are usually manufactured from so-called bimetal. The high-alloy insert is connected with the construction material. Standard knives are made of solid material, whereas more advanced knives have special inserts made of HSS or Widia material (carbide).

Comparison of the service life of different knife types


The best results are obtained by cutting with tungsten carbide insert knives in combination with the correct configuration of the cutting knife program and regular machine maintenance. On the next page we present a comparison of the most important parameters of the wide-linked knives that are available on the market.

Widia Widia is uneven...

Paleta dostępnych na rynku noży introligatorskich z wkładką widiową jest bardzo szeroka. Przy podejmowaniu decyzji o zakupie warto jednak zwrócić uwagę na jakość materiału zastosowanego do produkcji noży. Noże z węglika spiekanego wykonane są zazwyczaj z 85% do 90% węglika spiekanego (Widia) i 10% do 15% środka wiążącego - kobaltu (Co). Przemysł poligraficzny wykorzystuje głównie węgliki spiekane o średniej, drobnej, sub-mikronowej i bardzo drobnej gradacji ziaren. Im drobniejsza struktura ziarna, tym większa jest twardość i odporność na zużycie. Poniższa tabela przedstawia różnice w jakości noży widiowych dostępnych na rynku.

Structure of spectrum knives available on the market


The tungsten carbide grains used in TKM knives have an average size from about 0.2 µm to 1 µm (micrometer). TKM offers two types of spectral inserts of sub-micron (Incomet Supreme) and Ultra Fine (Ultra Cut) quality. Both types of TKM spectral inserts provide the correct strength making the cutting process the most cost-effective and efficient. Incomet Supreme and Ultra Cut knives are distinguished from other knives by their extreme hardness and wear resistance.