Wałki do Falcerek z 15% Rabatem!

Baner Falcerki

The special offer applies to new folding rollers made in Germany which underwent strict requirements of quality and precision control.

PU rings used in the rollers make precise control of folding a product easy and result in optimal fold Folding rollers are offered in the following variants:

  • Classic – hard PU
  • Classic – soft PU
  • Extra Grip – hard PU
  • Extra Grip – soft PU

Each roller can be made in two versions: either with hard or soft PU ring.

Wałki do falcerek

Which one is the right one?

Compared to hard PU, soft PU has a higher projection vis-à-vis the steel. The material is pressed when the paper is being transported. It touches the paper along an entire surface, and not just at a single point. Soft PU has a better grip. It is easier to adjust and it folds in a more precise manner. However, it wears out a lot faster than hard PU. We would advise against the use of soft PU if the item is to be used in conjunction with glue, or if the situation involves freshly-printed products, since it is very difficult to clean the spongy and foamed material. Under such circumstances, hard PU would be significantly more advantageous.

Hard PU has a significantly higher life expectancy. Compared to soft PU, the ring features a smaller projection vis-à-vis the metal. This results in a significantly ‘sharper and flatter fold’, in comparison with soft PU. This can, for example, be important in situations involving multiple zigzag folds. Furthermore, in comparison with soft PU, the hard PU folding roller does not tend to produce double fold (e.g. if the situation involves letter folds or gate folds). This is a result of the higher-level grip.

Try our rollers and you will get the same durability and folding quality together with money savings as compared to original rollers made by machine producers.

Rollers with a discount are available for Stahlfolder, Heidelberg, MB Bauerle, MBO, Herzog & Heymann, Horizon and GUK.

Folding rollers to different machines are available on request.

The special offer is valid until 31 May, 2021 For more details contact our sales representatives.


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